Climate targets and their effects on the thermo process industry

27.10.2017 The term “climate targets” is normally used to refer to limiting global warming to a maximum of 2 Kelvin and a reduction of between 80% and 95% in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This article by Dr Franz Beneke looks at the political framework and the resulting possible effects on thermo process industry.

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Plenary meeting of the ISO/TC 244 "Industrial Furnaces and associated equipment"

26.10.2017 The agenda included reports from the individual WGs, a proposal to set up a new sub-committee "Blast Furnace" and the question of under which guardianship a standard for the cupola furnace should be developed.

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ISO/TC 244 WG 7 "Working Draft Steel Converter Safety"

25.10.2017 Comments successfully discussed and approved

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